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Dr Carolina Albuquerque

Referral Clinician

Dr Carolina Albuquerque  - Referral Clinician
Dr Carolina Albuquerque CertAVP MRCVS Referral Clinician

Carolina was born in Portugal and has loved animals since she was a little girl, making the decision to become a vet from the age of 5. Carolina became certified in Faculdade De Medicina VeterinĂ¡ria in Lisbon. Carolina achieved two post graduate certifications in Small Animal Medicine before going on to complete a rotating internship at the University of Glasgow and a three year residency in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

Carolina has a passion for internal medicine, as this department sees some of the sickest animals in the hospital, and these are the cases she wants to help the most. Carolina works closely with all of our departments, in particular neurology, oncology, anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging, in order to give her patients the highest standard of care possible. 

Intermittent vomiting, diarrhoea or poor appetite are among the most common symptoms that Carolina treats. She is on a mission to teach veterinarians and pet owners the importance of feeding a hypoallergenic diet in these cases.

When not working at Hamilton’s, Carolina volunteers for a charity she founded with other vet specialists – Ohana Animal Charity. Ohana organises vet courses and missions around the world, work pro-bono and use all profit to help animals. Mental health struggles are very common within the vet community but, through giving the community an opportunity to make new friends, laugh and travel the world together, Carolina hopes to change this! You can learn more about this work on https://www.ohana-animalcharity.com/