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Terms and Conditions

Payment Options and Terms and Conditions

Insured pets

If you have pet insurance, you should be able to claim back some, or all, of the costs of your pet's treatment with us. We do not routinely claim directly from the insurance company as we ask clients to pay for their pet’s treatment at the time of collection, but we are very happy to assist you in claiming back your fees.

In order to make a claim against your insurance, please bring along a claim form at the time of your pet's appointment. These can usually be downloaded from your insurer's website, or you may need to call them to request a form. Please ensure that you have filled in all relevant sections and signed the form before handing in to us, as this will help to expedite the claims process.

Once you have made payment for your pet's treatment with us, we will process and submit the claim promptly to your insurers. Where possible, we will submit the claim digitally. For your information, we may keep a copy of the claim form and your insurance details on file to assist if there are any future queries regarding the claim.

As the claim we submit we will be a continuation for the initial treatment you have received at your regular veterinary practice, we would advise putting a claim through with them prior to your visit here. If, however, our claim is received first this should not cause a problem and any fixed excess should be deducted from the first claim received. Please be aware that we cannot include treatment carried out elsewhere in the claim we submit.

If you have any concerns about whether treatment will be covered, we would advise you to contact your insurer prior to your initial visit to us. Likewise, they will be able to advise you on any deductions made against your claim once payment is made to you.

In the occasional instances where clients cannot pay us personally and claim their money back from their insurers, we may consider a direct insurance claim after making checks to ensure that there is adequate policy cover. Direct claims will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed by HSR prior to treatment being carried out. Full terms and conditions will be be provided.

RSA additional excess

Some insurance companies, such as John Lewis, More Than, Tesco, Homebase, Marks & Spencer and Argos are underwritten by the RSA Insurance Group, which has a favoured network of referral practices. Hamilton Specialist Referrals, like the majority of other large specialist hospitals in the UK, is not on this list. The position taken by The British College of Veterinary Specialists, of which all of our Consultants are members, is that these lists may limit referral options for owners and referring vets. There are also some non-specialists on the list.

If you are insured with one of the above companies you can still be referred to us and will still be able to claim back your pet’s treatments, but RSA may charge you as the policy holder an extra £200 excess for going to a referral hospital which is not part of the RSA Referral Network scheme. We do not think it is fair on our clients to be penalised for this, so we can help you to contest this. You can download our RSA Letter of Dispute Template here. If this appeal is unsuccessful, we will deduct this £200 from the final bill or refund it back to you. If you are insured with one of the above insurance companies please inform our Client Care Team when you book your appointment.

Non-insured pets

If your pet is not insured, we will require a 50% or £2000 deposit at the time of admission and the remaining amount will need to be paid at the time of collection.

Financial consent


Before your pet’s procedure, you will need to sign our financial consent form. This form stipulates that you, as the owner, are responsible for all costs of your pet’s treatment at Hamilton Specialist Referrals, whether your pet is insured or not. By signing this form, you agree to our financial terms and accept liability for all fees and costs relating to your pet’s treatment.


Financial assistance


If your pet is not insured and you are unable to cover the costs yourself, we may be able to put you in touch with a veterinary loan supplier who may be able to assist you with the costs, subject to their credit checks. Please give us plenty of notice if you think this may be your only payment option.

Terms and Conditions


You can read Hamilton Specialist Referrals' full terms and conditions here.

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