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Your Referral Journey

Everyone at HSR is a pet owner themselves and we understand how difficult it can be when a beloved four-legged (or occasionally three-legged!) family member is in need of medical attention. Our knowledgeable staff have been hand-picked to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible at all times. Of course, our main goal is to provide the best medical care our profession has to offer, but we try to do so with compassion and with a smile. Once we have received a referral request for your pet from your local practice, one of our Client Care Assistants will contact you to arrange the most convenient appointment for you.

We send all necessary information out to you ahead of your appointment so that you are able to digest it at home. This then means that appointments are a smooth process; from parking in our on-site car park, enjoying a coffee from our fabulous machine whilst you wait for your appointment and having a dedicated discharge and physiotherapy time when it is time for your pet to go home. Our reception is a tranquil environment, flooded with natural light and providing a relaxing atmosphere for all owners and pets, including a dedicated cat waiting area. Children are always welcome to attend appointments at Hamilton Specialist Referrals.

Pet stay timeline

Your initial consultation with our Specialists will be at least 45 minutes, so as to allow plenty of time for a thorough discussion surrounding your pet’s condition and treatment options. Although we will not always know if your pet definitely requires surgery until they have been assessed, we are usually able to perform surgery or further investigations on the same day if necessary. It is vitally important to us that our clients feel part of the process and solution for their pets and we therefore want to make it clear that you, as the owner, always have the final say on whether or not you wish to proceed with any further treatment after your consultation.

If you do elect to proceed with further investigations and/or surgery, your pet will usually be able to stay with us straight after your consultation. Staying at the vets is rarely easy for pets, which is why we have paid great attention to the design of our kennels and dedicated cat ward.

Every spacious crate has a glass door, enabling pets to stay in a bar-free atmosphere, including our extra-large walk-in kennels. The lighting and ventilation systems provide as much natural light and fresh air as possible to keep the environment fresh and relaxing. We have set aside quiet kennels for more nervous patients and have installed a Sonus sound system for those dogs who prefer to have the radio on for background noise. We have a modern, glass fronted lift for dogs who are unable to climb stairs to allow easy access to our physiotherapy and hydrotherapy suites.

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