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Tommy was referred to us after he was found staring at the walls, circling to the left-hand side and showing a lack of coordination.

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Bilbo was referred to HSR after having been assessed at his primary practice. The owners had reported Bilbo to be quiet, lethargic, and weak on his left hind leg.

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Eric was only 11 months old but had been suffering periodically with episodes of neck pain for around 3 months.

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Ping, a tiny five-month old male Chihuahua, needed life-saving surgery after suddenly becoming paralysed

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Tia presented to Hamilton Specialist Referrals (HSR) as an emergency following a road traffic accident

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Osiris presented to Hamilton Specialist Referrals (HSR) as an emergency following a fall from height

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She had been involved in a road traffic accident and had extensive injuries; the incident had included a direct impact to her head

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Missy the Cocker Spaniel was almost paralysed by a grass seed that became lodged in her spine

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He had acute onset weakness in his left hindlimb, which had progressed to an inability to stand on the morning of assessment

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Wellington suffered acute onset paralysis following high rise injury after falling from a window

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Pablo is a 3y10m, male (n) French Bulldog. He presented to our neurology service for investigation of acute onset hindlimb paraplegia.

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Poppy the Pomeranian

Poppy was unable to stand and walk independently when she arrived at Hamilton Specialists. Evaluation by one of the neurology team indicated a spinal cord problem in her neck.

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