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Tommy was a 13-year-old Domestic Shorthair, referred to HSR after showing reduced alertness (obtundation), staring at the walls, circling to the left-hand side and lack of coordination (ataxia).

Tommy’s general physical examination was relatively normal. Neurological examination showed:

  • Obtundation
  • Propulsive pacing
  • Vocalisation
  • Decreased postural reactions in the right sided limbs
  • Segmental spinal reflexes were intact
  • Decreased menace response in right eye

Tommy underwent an MRI scan of his brain to determine the cause of these neurological signs. The MRI revealed a large extra-axial mass extending over the left frontal and temporal lobes. From these images, Tommy was diagnosed with a left forebrain extra-axial tumour most likely meningioma.

Tommy was readmitted to HSR to undergo cytoreductive surgery of his left frontotemporal extra axial mass with one of our neurology specialists, Dr Roberto Jose Lopez.

A left sided rostrotentorial craniectomy was performed and the tumour was resected en bloc. Biopsies were taken and sent to an external laboratory for histopathological testing.

A repeat MRI scan was performed after Tommy’s surgery which showed resection of the tumour.

Figure 1: Pre and postoperative MRI images for comparative purposes. Left: Preoperative MRI of Tommy’s brain, with the arrows delineating the area of the brain encompassed by Tommy’s tumour. Right: Postoperative MRI of the same area of Tommy’s brain, showing that the tumour has been removed.

Tommy remained in hospital for a few days postoperatively to allow our team to monitor his recovery. He began eating and drinking normally very quickly after surgery and was discharged a few days later.

Tommy returned to HSR for re-examination 2 weeks later exhibiting normal behaviours and jumping on furniture again.

Tommy’s owners have kept us regularly updated and they are thrilled with his recovery, as are all of us here at HSR!


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