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Cola was diagnosed with a fractured femur (thigh bone) at his usual veterinary practice after being hit by a car. The fracture was severely comminuted (in multiple pieces) and so he was referred to Hamilton Specialist Referrals for treatment by orthopaedic surgeon, Tim Easter.


Cola underwent surgery the following day. The fracture was stabilised with an intramedullary pin (through the centre of the bone), and a bone plate & screws. The implants were placed through small incisions made at the top and bottom of the femur, leaving the central bone fragments undisturbed. Postoperative X-rays revealed restoration of the length and alignment of the femur.


Cola went home the following day with pain relief, and he was rested for six weeks. He had regular appointments with physiotherapist, Letty Piggott-Delves, to strengthen his leg and maintain range of motion after surgery. When Cola came for a recheck with Tim six weeks after surgery he was walking with no discomfort and a very mild lameness. X-rays showed early bone healing at the fracture site and over the two months Cola was returned to normal activity and has not looked back since!

Cola 4 Weeks Post-Op :

Cola running:

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