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Renny is a handsome one year old Oriental cat, who presented as an emergency referral to Hamilton Specialist Referrals in March 2020 with a right sided femoral fracture following an unknown trauma. 

Radiographs showed an oblique subtrochanteric fracture extending from the proximal aspect distomedially.


Following a clinical examination and discussions with his owners, Renny was admitted to the hospital for surgical repair carried out by orthopaedic specialist and clinical director Michael Hamilton.


The fracture was reconstructed with two cerclage wires followed by placement of an intramedullary (i/m) pin in combination with a locking compression plate (LCP) placed laterally and caudally which facilitated the placement of four screws in the relatively limited bone stock of the proximal fragment.


Post-operative radiographs revealed good implant positioning and fracture reduction.

Renny recovered well from anaesthesia and was walking well the day after surgery on the limb. He was discharged with instructions that he be crate rested with only short periods of supervised room activity.


He returned to HSR for regular visits with our physiotherapy team, and at six weeks after surgery follow up radiographs were performed and showed complete healing of the fracture site. He had a full range of pain-free movement of the limb.

"I just want to say a huge huge thank you for all the work you did to help Renny with his leg. He is back to normal and living life as a bright young kitten cat that he should be. Nothing stops him and he leaps over fences and up in the air just as he used to. "

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