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Total hip replacement in Stanley the Labrador

At eight months of age, Stanley present to Hamilton Specialist Referrals for assessment of ongoing left pelvic limb lameness, with discomfort subsequently being localized to the left hip. Following radiographic investigation and detailed discussion with Stanley’s owner, Stanley was scheduled for Total Hip Replacement surgery.

Our specialist orthopaedic surgeon, David Sajik, performed Stanley’s total hip replacement surgery, which consisted of the placement of a prosthetic acetabular component (socket) and femoral prosthesis (ball) replacing Stanley’s natural ‘ball and socket’ hip joint.

Stanley recovered well from his procedure and was discharged for continued care at home the day after surgery. At the time of discharge, Stanley was already bearing weight on the operated leg.

Over the subsequent 6 weeks a progressive improvement in limb comfort and function was reported. Stanley returned to HSR for re-evaluation six weeks post-operation at which time he was reported to have recovered well with further progressive limb comfort. On clinical examination, Stanley was walking well with hip function already significantly improved compared with pre-operative examination. Radiographs confirmed progressive ingrowth of the surgical implants with the implants appearing stable in position.

Following the re-examination appointment Stanley was discharged with the instructions to gradually increase his exercise levels back towards normal. Twelve weeks post-surgery Stanley is reported to have returned to full activity with significantly improved comfort.


Images show ventrodorsal extended-leg and frog-leg views of hip joints.

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