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Kobi is a 1 year old English Bull Terrier who presented to Hamilton Specialist Referrals for further management of a body wall abscess. He was referred to our Soft Tissue department and was under the care of specialist Ben Mielke. Kobi was very sick on presentation and was showing signs of severe septic shock.

A CT scan of the abdomen revealed the cause of Kobi’s problem – a kebab stick had penetrated through the lining of stomach, passed through a section of the liver, and lodged in the abdominal wall. This had resulted in a large abdominal abscess and septic peritonitis – a potentially life-threatening condition.


CT scan of Kobi's abdomen, showing the kebab stick.

The theatre team worked quickly to get Kobi ready for surgery to resolve these problems. Surgery required removal of a portion of the liver, a portion of the stomach wall and a large abscess in the body wall.

He was closely monitored intra-operatively and post-operatively by our Anaesthesia Specialist Marieke De Vries, as well as one of our veterinary interns (Vincenzo De Rosa). They worked closely with the nursing team to ensure he recovered without incident after this major surgery. Kobi went from strength to strength.


Following a week long stay in the hospital, Kobi walked out of the hospital ready to attend his next “kebab stick free” barbeque. The team at Hamilton Specialist Referrals are thrilled to have been able to help Kobi make a full recovery.

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