As is the case in human medicine, where your GP doctor may refer you to a Consultant to undergo complex investigations and/or treatments, your local veterinary surgeon can refer you to a Recognised veterinary specialist. Recognised specialists have undergone many years of extensive additional training in their particular discipline to a level akin to Consultants in human medicine. The surgeons at Hamilton Specialist Referrals are European & RCVS Recognised Specialists in Small Animal Surgery, with particular focus on orthopaedics and neurosurgery, although we also see a large number of soft tissue and oncology (cancer) cases.

Hamilton Specialist Referrals is a referral only hospital and in order to get an appointment with us, you first need to take your pet to your local veterinary practice who will assess your pet’s condition and consider if referral is necessary. In many cases your local practice will have the expertise and equipment to treat your pet’s condition effectively, however in more complex situations they will suggest referral to us when they consider this is in your pet’s best interests. Again, as is the case in human medicine, you may request a referral, and in such instances your local practice will usually be more than happy to arrange this for you. Your vet will send us all the medical history we need ahead of your initial consultation and we will subsequently contact you directly to book your appointment and begin your referral journey.

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What is a Veterinary Specialist?