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Sports Injuries & Post-Operative

Rehabilitation - Sports Injuries & Post-Operative

At Hamilton Specialist Referrals (HSR), our objective is to return our patients to their optimal function as quickly as possible, whether that be a walk around the park or challenging for honours in international competition.

As is the gold standard in human medicine and in professional sport, a well-structured physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme provides patients with the best chance of making a full and speedy recovery. Our highly experienced team of physiotherapists and hydrotherapists provide every patient with an individually tailored recovery programme from the immediate post-operative period or time of injury, right through to sign-off. We have a vast array of treatment modalities at our disposal including a Class IV laser and extracorporeal shock wave therapy. We are keen to work and liaise closely with our referring practices to ensure a high standard of continuity of care.

Our Rehabilitation Team

Read more about Heather McDonnell
Heather McDonnell - Hydrotherapy Team Leader

Heather McDonnell

BSc (Hons) (Animal Biology), MIRVAP(ICH) Hydrotherapy Team Leader
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Read more about Letty Piggott-Delves
Letty Piggott-Delves - Veterinary Physiotherapist

Letty Piggott-Delves

BSc, MSc, PgD, NAVP, RAMP Veterinary Physiotherapist
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Read more about Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Turner - Hydrotherapist

Elizabeth Turner

BSC Biology, MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy Hydrotherapist
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Read more about Fleur Blatch
Fleur Blatch - Physiotherapist

Fleur Blatch

MVetPhys Veterinary Physiotherapy, BSc Sports Therapy Physiotherapist
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Read more about Holly Clark
Holly Clark  - Rehabilitation Assistant

Holly Clark

BSc (hons) Animal Therapy & Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Assistant
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