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Indigo during her stay at HSR

Indigo is a 2-year-old Spaniel Cross who presented to Hamilton Specialist Referrals as an emergency in December 2020. She had been involved in a road traffic accident and had extensive injuries; the incident had included a direct impact to her head.


She was examined by our neurology specialist, who admitted Indigo and a CT scan revealed numerous injuries including severe pneumothorax, multiple skull fractures, right scapular fracture, pulmonary contusion, and suspected diffuse cerebral oedema suspected. Further imaging via MRI showed brainstem/midbrain haemorrhage.

Indigo with her feeding tube in place

Indigo was recumbent at the time of admission and was kept hospitalised for intensive nursing care. An oesophagostomy tube was placed and as well as tube feeding, she received analgesia and topical treatment with eye drops for dry eye and a corneal ulcer.


A chest drain was placed to relieve the pneumothorax. Our 24-hour team constantly monitored Indigo for respiratory arrest, but fortunately never needed mechanical ventilation.

By her fourth night in the hospital, she had regained the ability to stand and the lameness associated with the scapular fracture improved significantly throughout her stay. The chest drain was able to be removed.

After two weeks of hospitalisation, Indigo was released to the care of her owner and her feeding tube was able to be removed, as she was now able to eat well on her own. She has continued to make brilliant progress with at home care and shows good signs for a full recovery from her injuries.

"Although this was a scary experience for us all, Indigo received the most incredible care right from the moment we rushed her to the hospital until she was discharged. She wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the amazing care that she received from all of the vets and nurses"

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