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Amber Burton

Patient Coordinator

Amber Burton
Amber Burton Patient Coordinator

Amber previously worked as a New Car Sales Executive for Ford, before starting a role as a receptionist at a first opinion vet practice and finding the veterinary world was a perfect fit. She worked in this role for around 3 years before joining HSR. Amber is enjoying the fast pace of referral work, and the variety of cases that come through the door – never knowing what the day may bring.

Amber has two rescue cats, 2-year-old Kingston and youngster Bluebell. Both came from tough starts but have flourished in their new home. Kingston lives up to his name and is very much a King, while Bluebell loves playing with water.

In her spare time Amber enjoys an evening of board games with friends and family. She recently got married at a destination wedding in St Lucia and is still enjoying showing everyone the beautiful photos.