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Ruth Greenhill

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Ruth Greenhill
Ruth Greenhill RVN APVN (Zoo) Night Nurse

Ruth obtained a Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education in Bioveterinary Science with Veterinary Nursing, as well as a Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. Prior to joining the HSR nursing team Ruth worked primarily in the veterinary industry in first opinion practices, as well as undertaking volunteering opportunities with elephants, wildlife rescues, and zoos.

Ruth is excited to be able to cater to individual care needs for each patient, helping animals with their recovery and alleviating distress. Ruth is keen to learn more about specialist care as part of our dedicated team, while working alongside experts in their fields.

At home, Ruth has a ginger cat called Charlie. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys stand-up paddle boarding, ballet, hiking, and travelling.